Photography Session: Chasaity Colon

28 06 2014

Hey everyone! Welcome to another installment of my blog. In case you missed it, my last post was the 100th post I made since this blog was created. So as I embark on my quest to make it to the 200 mark, I’m making my 101st post a photography session post. My post on the Roc Yur Role Fashion Event was a hit as I gained the most views ever within a two day stretch. So thanks to everyone who took time to read that post and I will post the rest of the pics from that event on my tumblr page later in the week.

Model Chasaity Colon

Model Chasaity Colon

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of assisting with a photoshoot held by Lendell Simmons, who runs the Couture Modeling Agency (He was the one who arranged the “Roc Yur Role” Fashion Event. Taking place at Algonquin Park in Newburgh, NY, he took shots of his model, Chasaity Colon, at various locations. Although I assisted with blocking the sun from her face on some shots, Lendell was willing to give me a chance to take photos after he was done.

chasaity 18

Was able to get this off just before a couple people got into frame in the background.

Using the studiomax light was a first for me. Unlike using the speedlite, the flash of the studiomax was just ideal for what we were doing. It provided a nice fill from my perspective and it wasn’t overbearing. For my camera, I had the aperture at f/9 and the ISO at 100. For shutter speed, I went to 1/125 instead of the 1/250 that I’m accustomed to. I was worried at first about the possibility of blurriness, but with the exception of a couple photos, everything came out stellar.


Tweaks were at a minimum during post production.

Tweaks were at a minimum during post production.

During the post production phase, there was only a slight tweak in color correction. I put the color temperature at 6000k and slightly bump up the vibrance to help give her skin a little more pop. A few more tweaks here and there in contrast and fill light, and voila! I’m happy with the results and I hope you are as well.


Chasaity Model Page

Couture Modeling




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