4th of July Special: Spirit Animal, Dev, I Said Cut, Jolimage, and Hevn’ Li Angel

4 07 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s another installment of my blog. July is slowly getting underway as the fourth of July weekend is upon us. It will be nice to possibly see fireworks after what has been a gloomy few days of on and off rain. But as we wait until night falls to see the show, I figured my blog post can in some way entertain you.

Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Released near the end of last month, I was fortunate to work alongside a great group of people on the “BST FRNDS” music video by Spirit Animal. Directed by Kris Merc and Dped by Ahmed Klink, the video premiered on MtvU and has been well received.

D3V and Tha Beat God

D3V and Tha Beat God

In other music news, Dev McCray has just released his music video for his single, “King Sh*t,” featuring Slim Rogers. The song is off of his album, Labor II, which is currently available on Itunes. And another bit of great news. Dev, alongside with Tha Beat God, are both scheduled to open for Snoop Dogg at the Upstate Concert Hall on July 11th. Link will be posted below if you want to buy tickets for the show.


As requested by Tara Latorre, I would like to make a mention of a project that will be shown later this year. I Said Cut Production is currently in the production phase of their film, “July.” The film will be shot entirely in the Hudson Valley, mostly in Beacon and Wallkill.


Before I made this post, I asked on facebook if anyone wanted anything posted that related to what they were working on. Just like Tara, Cory Barthelemy made a request to have something promoted. Not too long ago, he started a clothing line called Jolimages. While it’s still in the early stages, it’s already being showcased at events with the most notable being the red carpet event of the season finale of MTV’s, “Are you the one.” To check out some of their clothing products, take a look at the website, which will be posted below.

Hevn' Li Angel

Hevn’ Li Angel

In the last bit of news, I’m gonna showcase another artist. A couple days ago, I got an email from Hevn’Li Angel asking me to put her in my blog. After checking out some of the links she posted in the email, I became interested in her work. She’s a Christian rapper who is from San Diego. She’s currently on tour and not too along, she released her latest mixtape, “To Whom It May Concern Vol. 1.” The mixtape is free for download on her website, which I will post below.


Spirit Animal

July 11th Snoop Dogg Show

I Said Cut Productions


Hevn’ Li Angel’s Official Website




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