The First Episode of “Small Miracles” and Friends At Work

11 07 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome! It’s another installment of my blog. This month is still getting off to a start for me. I got called about possibly working on a feature later in July along with getting some calls for other types of projects. So hopefully, things will pan out for the better and I’ll be working like everyone else.

10325141_753297778042838_5422595449051326105_nNot too long ago, the first episode of “Small Miracles” has been released on their website (Link will be posted below). The web series is based off the book with the same title. I was fortunate to work on this project during the last week of production. Working alongside a great group of talented people, the blood, sweat, and tears that were put into this episode paid off well.

Earlier in the week, an idea popped into my head. So many times, I’ve seen friends posted pictures of their days at work and I thought, “it might not be a bad idea to show viewers a peek of what each and everyone one of us do.” Because we’re not the ones on-screen, our work is not noticed by the average person.

Stratton Bailey (The one with the bandana) Dolly Gripping it!

Stratton Bailey (The one with the bandana) Dolly Gripping it!

Here, Stratton Bailey is currently working on “Jack of the Red Hearts.” Donning a bandana, Strat keeps it cool and serious as he prepares for a moving shot.

Emilie Jackson (Bottom) and Alexa Wolf (Top).

Emilie Jackson (Bottom) and Alexa Wolf (Top).

As Emilie stated, “If you get to be on set with people you love working with you can make any 18 hour day a photo op.” And after working a long day, camera assistants Alexa Wolf and Emilie Jackson show no signs of fatigue.

So that’s it for today as I have to head out soon for a photoshoot. My next blog will probably be on those photos. If anyone has pictures from set that they want posted, feel free to let me know. My email is Thanks to Stratton Bailey and Emilie Jackson for allowing me to post their pics. So with that, I’m out. Cya next time!



Small Miracles “Mermaids”




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