Photography Session: Marissa Stearns

16 07 2014

Hey what’s up everyone. I’m back with another installment of the Photography Sessions. This past Friday, I was the Couture Modeling Agency to help out with another photo shoot. Like last time, Lendell would take his photos and then would allow me to try my hand at it.

Model: Marissa Stearns

Model: Marissa Stearns

So this time around, I shot inside the studio. For lighting, we used three studiomax lights. If I remember correctly, two of them were 160 w/s lights and were used for lighting the background while the 320 w/s light was the key light. The 320 with the umbrella created a large but soft key on the models and wrapped around them nicely enough to the point you can get away with not needing a fill light.

model 10

Was up against the wall with the 50mm lens. Would’ve love to have gotten a full body shot. But I liked the lighting for this one.

For this occasion, I shot entirely on the 50mm lens. When shooting Marissa, I made tweaks to the positioning of the 320 light. For some shots, I put the light slightly off center and at a 45 degree angle above her head. Then in some cases, moved it a little more camera left. Depending on her poses, my lighting strategy either worked well or it didn’t. In some cases, when she turned her body towards camera, it was one half lit and one half in shadow. So this was good run at trying to get used to studio lights.

model 18

For this go around, I had the aperture at f/6.3. I initially had it higher but after viewing some of my test shots, Lendell suggested it was too dark and that I should open it more. So with the aperture set, I raised ISO to 200 and had the shutter speed set to 1/125. During the post production phase, the main thing I had to do was tweak the color temperature. Because I initially I didn’t take the flash of the 320 into account, some photos had a slight blue tint. After getting rid of the tint, I mainly made slight adjustments to the vibrance.


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