Sean Eldridge Ad Campaign and New Justin Derry Video

21 08 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another edition of my blog. In what has been a busy stretch for me, I’ve managed to find some to post this blog. This one will be short as I only have a couple things to talk about.

Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge

Released on Tuesday, the Campaign Ad for Sean Eldridge has been uploaded to Youtube. I had the pleasure of working on this ad alongside a good group of crew members. Sean Eldridge is running for congress and just by looking at his ad, you can tell he’s a great person who has the right intentions for the people of the Hudson Valley. I managed to talk to him on set and liked his personality and the fact that he didn’t come across as a “politician.” So make sure to check out his website (link is below) and make sure to vote for him on November 4th.

And in the world of my fellow industry buddies, Justin Derry made another video. With some time to spare, Justin tested a few settings of the Sony F5 and film convert profiles. For this mini project, Justin shot footage of William Tracy Babcock on one the many rooftops of Brooklyn. If you read the description on the vimeo page, he talks about the video, his findings, and tips on what settings to use for film converts.



Sean Eldridge Official Website

Justin Derry’s Official Page




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