New Afrojack Music Video, Doppelgangaz, and on set pics.

31 08 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to the last blog of the August 2014 edition. It’s been a fun and busy month for me as the calls for work keep coming. I just hope for the trend to continue into the next month. As I sit here on the last day of August, I figured now would be a good time to reflect on what’s happened this past week in the world of entertainment.

Douglas Sonders (l) and Nicholas Cambata (r), founders of 8112 studios.

Douglas Sonders (l) and Nicholas Cambata (r), founders of 8112 studios.

Earlier this week, the latest music video by Afrojack and Martin Garrix, “Turn Up the Speakers,” was released on youtube. Though it’s been only six days, the video has already passed the 4 million mark in views. While both artists are well known around the world, the people behind the scenes deserve praise for putting together a great visual piece. The whole production was performed by the people of 8112 studios. Directing and Cinematography was done by the duo of Douglas Sonders and Nicholas Cambata and Art Direction was done by Amanda Deprez. I worked with these guys a couple months back so it’s great seeing them once again put together a great piece of art.

The Doppelgangaz

The Doppelgangaz

In other music news, the Doppelgangaz recently released their latest beats album, “Doppic of Discussion.” You can purchase it on their bandcamp page and if you hurry, you can get it at 30% off. Use the code: LDAY. Make sure to act quick as the deal ends at 12am.

Camera department getting ready. Photo taken by Matt Kehoe.

Camera department getting ready. Photo taken by Matt Kehoe.

As part of an ongoing series, I ask people to submit pictures from set in a way to showcase the people who work behind the scenes. This week, I managed to get a few submissions. In the above pic, camera department is preparing for a shot in “The Ticket.” Photo was submitted by Matt Kehoe.

Photo Credit: Rachael Saltzman

Photo Credit: Rachael Saltzman

In a photo submitted by Rachael Saltzman, a car rig is set up for an upcoming driving scene. As you can see, the camera is held up by a combination of gobo heads and arms with support from the suction cups on the doors. If the suction cups were to fail, the ratchet straps and rope are there to keep the camera from falling onto the street.

Photo Credit: Freddy Cintron

Photo Credit: Freddy Cintron

Recently shot in Bryant Park was a Breast Cancer Awareness PSA. Submitted by Freddy Cintron, this photo is of the crew getting everything ready for the shot.

HMU Artist Kristin Pardee. Photo taken by me.

HMU Artist Kristin Pardee. Photo taken by me.

And in the last pic, HMU artist, Kristin Pardee, is getting one of the models ready for a photoshoot at the Couture Modeling Studio. I was fortunate to be the one who took this photo.

So that’s it for the month of August. I hope everyone had a good month and let’s hope good things continue to happen for us in September!


8112 Studios

Doppelgangaz Bandcamp Page

Kristin Pardee’s Facebook Page





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