Photography Session: Dylan and BTS at Couture Modeling

4 09 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to the first September 2014 edition of my blog. And what way to start off the month with another installment of my photography series. I had the opportunity of shooting a few of the models of Couture Modeling as well as taking behind the scenes photos at the studio during this past month. But today, I’m only going to showcase two of the many photos.

Model: Dylan Jones

Model: Dylan Jones

I shot this photo earlier last month. When scouting locations to shoot Dylan, I stumbled upon an bench that was right by a tree. While Dylan was shooting his session with another photographer, I repositioned the bench and was coming up with ideas for poses and camera angles. During my shoot, I had him mostly sitting on the bench and utilized only a softbox for a key light. With that day being overcast, I didn’t have to worry at all about the sun. Camera wise, I shot Dylan entirely on the 50mm lens with the aperture at f/6.3, ISO at 100, and the shutter speed at 1/125.

kristin 1

Hair and Makeup Artist Kristin Pardee

I also shot a good share of BTS photos. I took some photos of models getting their makeup and hair done as well as the HMU artist herself. For this photo, the light from her table lit up her neck fairly well and it was a good shot to get of her tattoo. For this, I had aperture at f/1.8, ISO at 500, and shutter speed at 1/200.

If you check out the links, you’ll see more of the models of Couture Modeling as well as see more of Kristin’s work. So that’s it for now. Check back over the weekend as I look to show more of the people working behind the scenes. Until then, cya!



Couture Modeling

Kristin Pardee’s Facebook Page




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