Friends in the industry: Samuel’s Game, She Lights Up Well, and BTS Photos.

18 09 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. We are now entering the fall season as the summer has bought about a tremendous amount of projects ranging from indie film to commercials to big time tv shows. And as we brace the upcoming change in weather, it’s now a good opportunity to bring some good news about what’s happening in the indie world.

samuels game

“Samuel’s Game” will be showing at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th at 9pm. Following that, the film will then play at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th at 9pm.

One of the great news I would love to share is that “Samuel’s Game” will finally be seen in the coming weeks. If you’ve been following my blog, you should understand the amount of excitement I have for this project. I had the pleasure of working alongside a great crew as I was still getting my feet wet in the G/E department. Though I only day played for a few days, it felt as though I was on for the whole shoot. So definitely check it out as it will show at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th then at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th.

The film, "She Lights Up Well."

The film, “She Lights Up Well.”

Another film that was released recently is called, “She Lights Up Well.” Written and directed by Joyce Wu, the story centers around an out of work actress who moves back in with her parents in the suburbs of Detroit. With a local community theater facing the threat of being shut down due to a budget crisis, she directs a theater production with the hopes of saving it. The movie is available to view on I’ll post the direct link below and it only costs $2.99 for a 3 day rental.

From a recent feature. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

From the paranormal thriller, “Dwelling.” Directed by Kyle Mecca, the crew consisted of Matthew Nardone (DP), Kash Costner (Key Grip), and many others who helped put it together. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

And in what’s been an ongoing series, I’ve asked people to submit behind the scenes photos as a way to showcase the people who help make the films. Taken by Scotty Franklin, this photo was from a recent feature called “Dwelling,” a paranormal thriller that was shot in Buffalo, NY. This rig was made for an overhead dolly shot. In case your wondering, the sand bags placed on the speed rails served two purposes. For one, they acted as a counterweight to help prevent the rig from tipping over. Another purpose was for providing a cushioned groove for the ratchets and steel cables to prevent wear and tear from being pulled.

So that’s it for now. As the next few weeks could potentially be very busy for me, I’m not sure when my post will be. But until then, cya!


Samuel’s Game

She Lights Up Well




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