Photography Session: Alba Mantuano

19 11 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. My last post featured the video I made starring a couple of the models of the Couture Modeling Agency and it was received very well. The day after, I checked the stats and that I got 99 views from that post! So thanks to everyone for taking their time to read it and for those who shared my post to their friends.

Today is another installment of my photography session series and it features another model from the Couture Modeling Agency.

Model Alba Mantuano

Model Alba Mantuano. Camera settings: aperture at f/7.1, ISO at 200, shutter speed at 1/125.

I dropped Alba and her friend off at a nearby train station after she was done shooting with Lendell at the studio. While waiting for the train, I took it upon myself to take scenic shots of the area as the sun was setting. While the area wasn’t very appealing, there were a few places that were interesting enough for me to take photos. As I took some shots on the platform, I noticed how the sun was striking Alba’s hair when I walked by her. And as taking a few photos turned into a mini photo shoot, we managed to get some good shots in before the train arrived.

If you wanna see more photos of Alba, check out her official facebook page as well as her website (links below). Also, check out the Couture Modeling Agency website to see more of their models.


Alba Mantuano’s Official Website

Alba Mantuano’s Official Facebook Page

Couture Modeling




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