Fall Modeling and Fall Fashion: The Post before Thanksgiving

25 11 2014

Welcome to another post by yours truly.  At this time, we’re getting near the end of the month, which means it won’t be long until we’re all stuffing our mouths with turkey, stuffing, and all the other treats of Thanksgiving. With some time left before the holiday, I figured I would get one more post in before Turkey Day. Over the past weekend, Couture Modeling performed a handful of shoots ranging from the studio to New York City.

Model: Perpetua Smith. Fashion Designer: Juda Leah. Photo by: Lendell Simmons.

Model: Perpetua Smith. Fashion Designer: Juda Leah. Photo by: Lendell Simmons.

On Saturday, it was a fairly crazy day as shoots were held in and around the studio. With a handful of models showing off different fashion looks, it was an accomplishment to get so much done within a short period of time. In the above photo, taken by Lendell Simmons, one of the outfits by Juda Leah atelier & boutique is worn by Perpetua Smith. Based in Saugerties and now open in NYC, the store showcases a wide variety of handmade jewelry, arts, gift, and clothing such as the one in the photo.

Model: Alyssa Manthos. Photo by Lendell Simmons

Model: Alyssa Manthos. Photo by Lendell Simmons

On Sunday, the agency traveled to the city to shoot in the midtown area. Mostly near times square and at Bryant Park, the weather was ideal for the photos that were taken. In the above photo, Alyssa is in Bryant Park as the sun gives an nice edge on her face and hair.  If you want to see more photos, check out the Couture Modeling website as well as the facebook page.


NYC Inspired Drawing of Jolimage.


The latest of new hats by Jolimage.

And in the world of fashion, be sure to keep an eye out for Jolimage. Founded by Cory Bathelemy, the company specializes in apparel and accessories for a generation of unique individuals. You can follow the company on their facebook, twitter, and on instagram as they have a following of fans wearing their clothing. By the beginning of 2015, Jolimage will have a fully reconstructed website and will have an expansion of apparel. So be on the lookout!


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Juda Leah atelier & boutique

Juda Leah atelier & boutique facebook page

Jolimage Facebook Page

Jolimage Twitter Page

Jolimage Instagram




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