Music Video by Jeff Rosenstock, New Episode of “Small Miracles,” and New Shirts from Germany

29 01 2015

Hey everyone. Another installment of my blog is upon us. This one will be short as I will only discuss a few things. One minor note, part 2 of Stefani’s transformation will be up soon. So I know a lot of you can’t wait for that one.

Jeff Rosenstock

Jeff Rosenstock

Released yesterday, I worked on this music video alongside Ben Carey (DP), Bryan Schlam (Director), and slew of great crew members. Though I couldn’t stay for the whole shoot, it was a blast helping put it all together. The band was great and the whole atmosphere was very lively. If you want to follow the band, Ill post the links to their facebook page and their tour dates.

Still from the latest episode of "Small Miracles>"

Still from the latest episode of “Small Miracles.”

Another video released not too long ago is the latest episode of “Small Miracles.” Shot in Saugerties last year, this episode centers around a dentist who becomes separated from his wife during the Nazi invasion of Poland and goes on a journey to reconnect with her. Follow the link here to view the episode.

frontAnd one last thing. A friend of mine from Germany is currently getting into the t-shirt business and is selling one of his first designs. If interested, follow the link below.


Jeff Rosenstock

Alan’s T-shirt




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