Photography Session: Part 2 of the Stefanie Perry Transformation

12 02 2015

Hey everyone! Another installment of my blog is upon us. Today is another edition of the photography session. A while back, I posted part 1 of Stefanie where I gave you a behind the scenes look of her going through the makeup process done by Kristin Pardee. After shooting video, we did a photoshoot right after. Today, I can finally unveil a couple photos from that day.stefani by nick Cooper (2)Both Nick and I shot Stefanie after the video portion of the shoot was done. Both of us had different approaches to this task and the results came out well for everyone involved. Nick went for a dim feel and focused more on waist-up shots. The above shot is unique in that it reminds you of a painting you would see at an art gallery.

stefani by chris washingtonFor me, I mainly did headshots. For my shots, I shot at f/5 with the shutter speed at 1/125th and the ISO at 160. We managed to get a good batch of shots to choose from that night. I’m fortunate that the shots came out well and just as happy to see it get posted on the couture modeling website.


Couture Modeling

Stefani’s Page on Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page




One response

13 02 2015
Frank Dela

very awesome work! my sister looks amazing! good for you Stef!!! :DDD

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