New Trailer for “Lightning Bugs” and “King Jack”

10 03 2015

Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of my blog. While the last few posts have been photography related, it’s nice to spend some time talking about the film world for this go around. With spring coming around the corner, pilot season will start up soon and for most of us, it’ll be a major relief.

Lightning Bugs In A Jar

Lightning Bugs In A Jar

Today, I have a couple things to share. The first being that the short film, “Lightning Bugs In a Jar,” has released their official trailer. I worked on this film last September as a grip. Directed by Sara Wolkowitz and Ian Simpson, “Lightning Bugs In a Jar” is the story of the fractured relationship between a mother, Farrah (Betsy Aidem), and her 22 year-old—but far-from-‘adult’—son, Max (Devin McDuffee). Along with the release of the trailer, it was also announced that the film will premiere at the 68th annual Festival de Cannes in May of this year! So great job to everyone who was involved.

King Jack

King Jack

Another set of good news was announced not too long ago as well. “King Jack,” another film I was fortunate to work on, will premiere at this year’s Tribeca film festival. The cast and crew was really great to work alongside with. It was also wonderful that the film was shot almost entirely in Kingston, making it a plus for the Hudson Valley. So be sure to keep an eye out for when the schedule’s announced for the festival as we get closer to April.


Lightning Bugs In a Jar Facebook Page

Lightning Bugs In a Jar Official Site

King Jack Facebook Page

King Jack Official Site




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