The Last Stretch of April: King Jack and New Photo featuring Jenna Brand

25 04 2015

The end of April is slowly approaching for everyone and what better way than to spend the last few days checking out my blog! As I head into the last week of the month, I prepare to leave the month of April on a good note. After going through one the worst cold stretches I ever had to start the year, it’s nice to get a good amount of work in and anticipate paychecks coming in. So hopefully the month of May will continue the good stretch.

And as April comes to a close, so does the Tribeca Film Festival. I wasn’t able to attend the festivities this year, but I’m happy to hear that a film I worked on is getting rave reviews.

King Jack

King Jack

If you haven’t seen “King Jack” yet, the last showing will be at 2:30pm today at the Chelsea Bowtie Cinema. Directed by Felix Thompson, the film has received positive reviews from sites such as Reel News Daily and, along with great appraisal from moviegoers. So if you miss out on tomorrow, I’m sure there’s a great chance it will be shown at future film festivals. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll show at this year’s Woodstock Film Festival. Check out the links below as they constantly update their sites with information regarding “King Jack.”

Jenna Brand

Jenna Brand

As the production season is slowly getting into the swing of things, I will have more to write about in my later posts. Fortunately, I have another photo to showcase before I leave.

Shot near the entrance to the Couture Modeling studio, I managed to get this shot and a few others before the sun broke through. Although I’ve been experimenting with different retouching strategies as of late, I didn’t have to do much with this photo as I spent more time on tweaking the coloring. I was aiming for a “Spring” feel with the coloring and by the looks of it, I think I’ve achieved that goal. Special thanks to Bri Quigley and Nicole Latty for the hair and makeup work and to Jenna Brand for allowing me to take this great photo of her!


King Jack

King Jack Facebook Page

Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook




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