Photography Session with Maria Manrique and New Album coming by D.O.C.

7 05 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another edition of my blog. Today, I will showcase another addition to the photography session as well as showcase new music by D.O.C.

maria3In this edition of the photography session, I shot this photo in mid April with Maria. Like the previous picture with Jenna, I wanted to make interesting results with tweaking the coloring. So while editing, I searched on youtube and came across a tutorial on the “Nashville” color effect that’s usually seen on instagram. The steps they showed were easy to follow and by the time I finished, I ended up with the photo you see right now. In case you were wondering, the tutorial I watched is by Retutpro.

Album will come out on 5/22.

Album will come out on 5/22.

And in the music world, D.O.C. is currently prepping his next album, “Matter of Time,” for a 5/22 release. If you check out his soundcloud page (I’ll post the link below), you can expect the album to be as good as the music on his page. In the above video, D.O.C. is creating another beat in his lab and also does a little bit of freestyling. So mark your calenders and keep an eye out for when his album is released.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Retutpro Facebook Page

D.O.C. Soundcloud Page




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