“Real Love/Cake Up” by Chelsea Denea

20 04 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my second post of the month. This one will be short.


Produced by D.O.C., “Real Love/Cake Up” is by Chelsey Denea, who is based out of Albany, NY. Give it a look and keep an eye for more music from her as well as other artists from the 518 such as D.O.C. and D3v.


Chelsey Denea’s Twitter

D.O.C.’s Twitter


First Post of April 2016

17 04 2016

It’s been a great and busy start to the year.

Welcome to the second installment of my blog for 2016. That’s right everyone: it’s been that busy kind of a year for me where I haven’t had time to do much else. But with pilot season nearly coming upon us, it’s now more time spared for writing about what’s happening around me.


From a earlier shoot. Working with 10k lights.


Between my first post of the year to now, a majority of the work I’ve done has been on union shoots as an applicant. So far, it’s been a fun journey. Getting to work with large lights and going up high in a aerial lift for a film/tv show is not something many people can say they do for a living. Before I applied for the union, I heard mixed opinions about it. Some were very positive about while some were against it because of past experiences. So at first, I was of course nervous and over cautious but as time went on, I got more comfortable and my experience working on union shoots has been positive.The learning process and understanding how everything and everyone operates has been something that will stay with me. Grasping this along with trying to erase my bad habits has still been a work in progress but I’ve been improving greatly compared to when I first started.

And before I go, here’s a trailer for one of the shows I’ve worked on. “Luke Cage” is set to premiere on September 30th on Netflix.

First Post of 2016: New Doppelgangaz and more

31 01 2016

Welcome to my first post of 2016. Suprisingly, I’ve started this year off on a decent note. Near the end of 2015, I became a local 52 applicant and was given a ton of opportunities to work on big TV shows and work alongside people who have a great deal of experience. This year has started off well as I’m still getting calls for work at a time where it’s usually slow. So with the little amount of free time I have, I can go over what has happen this past week.


This past week, the Doppelgangaz made updates to their upcoming tour schedule. Although they’ll be overseas for the month of February, they’re currently working on getting shows in the US. As of now, they’re booked for a show in Salt Lake City in the month of April. So be sure to follow the group on their social media pages for future updates.

And if you haven’t already, you can view the video to their latest single, “Gangaz 4 Life.” It’s off of their album, “Beats for Brothels Vol. 3,” which can be downloaded off of iTunes.


Stefanie Perry of Couture Modeling

Because of how my schedule has been, I haven’t taken any new pictures. So I’ve been editing old ones to avoid being rusty. The above photo was taken last June just outside of the studio. I originally uploaded this photo to my instagram page earlier in the week but decided to put it on here as well. Later in the year, I plan on getting my own set of lights and will look to continue the photography session blog posts.


Doppelgangaz Facebook

Doppelgangaz Twitter

Couture Modeling Website

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Stefanie Perry’ Page on Couture Modeling

First Post of August: New Couture Modeling Pictures and Phan Media

2 08 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. Today marks the first post of August. Although it’s not too special, I feel like a lot of good things will happen this month so I can’t wait.

Angiee Hunt

Model: Angiee Hunt

Today will be short as I have little to go over. This past Friday, I photographed some good shots of a couple models from the Couture Modeling Agency. The above picture of Angiee was taken outside of the studio. In a fairly wooded area, I found a good spot where she wouldn’t be struck by patches of sunlight on her face.

Model Jacqueline Zdanis

Model: Jacqueline Zdanis

The above photo of Jacqueline was taken at the Beacon Train Station. Because there were a good number of people already in the park area, working to avoid getting them in any of my shots forced me to work in certain areas. Fortunately, the spots we chose was workable for everyone and we managed to get some good photography.

And before I go, definitely give this video a watch. This is the first episode of Phan Media, a web show that focuses on the world of creative arts in the hudson valley region. Shawn Strong put a lot of time and effort into making this project happen and now it’s finally here. Be sure to check out the links below and keep an eye out for the second episode, which will air later in the month.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Phan Media

Phan Media Facebook Page

Photography Session: Alphonso and Stefanie and Pics from last weekend’s workshop

16 07 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. Today brings another edition of the photography session. This past weekend, we held a workshop at the Couture Modeling studio and a lot of great pictures came out of that day. But before I showcase those, I want to show two new pics that I recently edited.

Alphonso H.V. Gordon of Couture Modeling

Alphonso H.V. Gordon of Couture Modeling

Stefanie Perry of Couture Modeling

Stefanie Perry of Couture Modeling

Both photos were taken on the same day that I shot Stefanie in Beacon. Yesterday, I had free time to edit both photos and I’m happy with how both came out.

As I said before, a lot of great photos were produced this past weekend. I’ll showcase a few that I thought really stood out.

Model: Steve Blackmon. Shot and edited by Dan Nilsen. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich.

Model: Steve Blackmon. Shot and edited by Dan Nilsen. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich.

Shot by Dan Nilsen, the lighting goes very well with Steve’s fierce look as the muscles and veins really pop out.

From l to r: Alphonso Gordon, Richard Davis, and Brittany Savage. Shot and edited by Jeff Lohne. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich. Hair by Nicole Latty.

From l to r: Alphonso Gordon, Richard Davis, and Brittany Savage. Shot and edited by Jeff Lohne. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich. Hair by Nicole Latty.

This was shot by Jeff Lohne. The idea behind this one was to convey the story of stepping out of your comfort zone and going out to chase after your dreams. I like the fact that the element of storytelling is involved in this picture.

Model: Brittany Savage. Shot by me. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich. Hair by Nicole Latty.

Model: Brittany Savage. Shot by me. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich. Hair by Nicole Latty.

Model: Steve Blackmon. Shot by me. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich.

Model: Steve Blackmon. Shot by me. Makeup by Maria Dutcavich.

And the above photos were shot by yours truly. For both photos, it was all natural lighting. For Brittany, it was perfect timing as the sun was in the right spot to get the shadow of the window to go across her body. For steve’s shot, I just had to bump up the ISO to 500. I could’ve used my external flash but I felt bumping up the ISO was a better option and I’m happy I went with that decision.

So I’ll post links to each photographer’s page if you want to see more photos from last weekend’s workshop. And keep your ears open as we plan to have another workshop in the fall.


Couture Modeling

Alphonso’s Page on Couture Modeling

Stefanie’s Page on Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook

Dan Nilsen Photography

Jeff Lohne Photography

Falcone Reale Photography

Photography Session: Brittany Savage

2 07 2015

Hey everyone! Welcome to what will be another installment of my photography session. Today, it’ll be a short write up but I have two pictures of one model I shot a couple days ago.

brittany1This past Tuesday, I shot Brittany Savage of Couture Modeling. Both photos that you see were taken just outside of the studio. In the above photo, the car used belongs to Brittany. The outfit was a good compliment to the vehicle along the building that you see in the background. The first shot was all natural lighting as it was overcast weather at the time. For the second shot, I had to use my external flash.

brittany2Special thanks to Kristin Pardee and Nicole Latty for doing a wonderful hair and makeup job. And with that, this session is over.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

The end of June: Doppelgangaz, new picture of Chasaity Colon, and a upcoming workshop

29 06 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. As of late, this month has been a fairly busy one for me. However, I have time today to make this post just as the end of June is upon us.

The Doppelgangaz

The Doppelgangaz

I haven’t spent much time talking about what’s been happening in the music world due to my busy schedule and I’m happy that I have time to do so today. Earlier in the month, The Doppelgangaz released their digital album, “Parts Unknown.” If you go on their website, you’ll be able to download it for free. While this go around only features eight tracks, it’s quality music that’s enough to hold you til their next album release.

And recently, they uploaded the music video to their single, “Rox Wid Her.”

11537809_10155776304395565_1761960050144448681_nAnd one last piece of doppelgangaz news. If you live overseas, the group will be performing at this year’s Airfield Festival in Romania. If interested, the link will be posted below.

Model: Chasaity Colon

Model: Chasaity Colon

In the last bit of news, here’s another photo I shot and edited of model Chasaity Colon. I shot this earlier in the month and was able to find time to edit it over the weekend. And before I go, I want to make one very last note.

1559760_10153959359499202_7575043255117221762_nOn July 11th, we’re holding a workshop at the studio for those who want to update their portfolios. If interested, all the information is in the above picture and we still have some spots available. Can’t wait to see you there!


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Official Site

Airfield Festival

Chasaity Colon

Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page