“Real Love/Cake Up” by Chelsea Denea

20 04 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my second post of the month. This one will be short.


Produced by D.O.C., “Real Love/Cake Up” is by Chelsey Denea, who is based out of Albany, NY. Give it a look and keep an eye for more music from her as well as other artists from the 518 such as D.O.C. and D3v.


Chelsey Denea’s Twitter

D.O.C.’s Twitter


“Deliverance” by D3V

6 06 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? For the third day in a row, I’ve managed to post up another blog. Not sure whether or not if it’s a personal record but it’s a pretty good accomplishment for someone with my type of schedule.


Anyways, I want to present to you another music video. This time, it’s from Albany’s own, Dev McCray. Off of his second album, Labor II, D3V made a video for his single, “Deliverance.” Give it a listen and if you haven’t already done so, you should download his latest album off of itunes.

“What I Needed You to Be” By Incolor

24 06 2011

Hey everyone. My friends from Albany have released a 6 track album not too long ago. If you click here,  you can download the album for free. Be sure to give it a listen and tell me what you think!