First Post of 2017: Long Overdue

20 02 2017

The ever beautiful sight of NYC.

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to my first blog post of 2017. The time period between my last post and now has consisted of nothing but work with little free time. With the way this year has started off, I expect the trend to continue as I continue on my journey in the film and TV world.

Because of how my schedule is, I will aim to make my blog more of a weekly recap with what’s going on around me and friends that are trying to make their way in the world as well. Along with that, assuming things go as planned, I will try to bring back the photography session series as I’m aiming to get a new camera along with some lighting equipment. So plan on seeing me post on a consistent basis this year.


There’s so much that happened during my hiatus but I can showcase one thing. Earlier last year, I helped my friend, Shawn Strong, with a web series he was shooting. It premiered in December but I’ve recently got a chance to watch the first episode and it’s worth looking at. It’s called “At Risk” and it follows a group of caseworkers as they deal with their clients as well as their own personal issues.


At Risk Web Series (10 episodes currently online)


Back after the hiatus: New music from L-Squad

11 07 2016

It’s been a fairly busy two months since the last post.

Hey everyone. Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s been two months since my last post and it’s been a fairly busy two months.


From two weeks ago.

I’ve been almost all over the state of New York as well as parts of Connecticut where I’m either on a commercial set or working a road race. With so much travel, it’s been somewhat hard to do anything else. And with the summer upon us, it’s only going to get even more busy. But I’m up to the challenge of keeping my blog updated and filling you in on what’s going on around me.



Because my post will be short today, I will end it with some new music. The song is called “U Already Know,” and it’s by the group, L-Squad. They’re based out of the Hudson Valley and their single is off of their EP titled, #WTT (Watch The Takeover). So watch and share the video and enjoy the rest of this fine week as I will myself.


L-Squad Facebook Page

Throwback Thursday Photography, Lightning Bugs In a Jar, and a locally produced Commercial

5 05 2016

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. Today is throwback Thursday and what better way to celebrate than to showcase a little throwback photography.


Model Taylor Jenaro

This was taken last year at the Couture Modeling Studio. Speaking of Couture Modeling, the agency has recently redesigned their website. The link will be posted below if you want to view it.


In the film world, a project I worked is now available for the public to view. Directed by the team of Sara Wolkowitz and Ian Simpson, the film was shot entirely in the hudson valley. Starring Betsy Aidem, Devin McDuffee, and Ethan Slater, Lightning Bugs In A Jar is the story of the fractured relationship between a mother, Farrah (Aidem), and her 22 year-old—but far-from-‘adult’—son, Max (McDuffee). The link will be posted below.

And with Mother’s Day approaching, Delta recently unveiled their commercial celebrating the holiday. What’s more special about this video is that this was entirely shot in Poughkeepsie with some of our local crew.


Couture Modeling

Taylor Jenaro’s Page

Lightning Bugs In A Jar

View Lighting Bugs In A Jar

First Post of April 2016

17 04 2016

It’s been a great and busy start to the year.

Welcome to the second installment of my blog for 2016. That’s right everyone: it’s been that busy kind of a year for me where I haven’t had time to do much else. But with pilot season nearly coming upon us, it’s now more time spared for writing about what’s happening around me.


From a earlier shoot. Working with 10k lights.


Between my first post of the year to now, a majority of the work I’ve done has been on union shoots as an applicant. So far, it’s been a fun journey. Getting to work with large lights and going up high in a aerial lift for a film/tv show is not something many people can say they do for a living. Before I applied for the union, I heard mixed opinions about it. Some were very positive about while some were against it because of past experiences. So at first, I was of course nervous and over cautious but as time went on, I got more comfortable and my experience working on union shoots has been positive.The learning process and understanding how everything and everyone operates has been something that will stay with me. Grasping this along with trying to erase my bad habits has still been a work in progress but I’ve been improving greatly compared to when I first started.

And before I go, here’s a trailer for one of the shows I’ve worked on. “Luke Cage” is set to premiere on September 30th on Netflix.

New Couture Modeling Video and BTS footage of “Back in Time”

14 11 2014

What’s up everyone? We’re now approaching the midway point of the month. At this stage of the year, productions slowly began to shut it down as the holidays are right around the corner. But not to fear as I have some great news to share.


Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Nearly a month ago, I shot bts footage for Couture Modeling as a photoshoot was held in NYC. Shooting around Central Park and Times Square, Daniela Velez and Kaela Garrett showcased a variety of outfits for the fall season. Due to the busy schedule I had afterwards, I wasn’t able to finish it till this week.

Though it’s short, I’m happy with how it came out. Special thanks to The Beat God for providing me with the music. In case you’re wondering, it’s from the song, “Like Me,” by D3V featuring The Beat God.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

If you grew up during the mid 80’s to early 90’s, you’ll remember the Back to the Future films that were very popular during that time frame. If you’re itching to know more about the franchise, Jay Aron is currently putting together an documentary on the series and the impact it has put on society even to this day. Shot by Ari Schaeffer, the above video is a behind the scenes look into production as they prepare to interview Christopher Lloyd (although it’s mostly Jay struggling to put together a stand). So to be sure to check out the facebook page to get future updates on the progress of the documentary and when it will be released.


Couture Modeling

Back In Time

Post NYC Marathon: What happened during the hiatus

9 11 2014

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the post NYC Marathon edition of my blog. Yes, it has been nearly a month since my last post due to the NYC Marathon.

In the weeks leading to the city’s biggest event, I was doing various tasks that involved working with different departments of the New York Road Runners. Initially, I was responsible for sorting timing equipment for each checkpoint of the marathon. Later on, I would be assisting the transportation department in moving cargo and people throughout different locations in Manhattan and Staten Island. On the day of the marathon, I was stationed at Mile 26. After setting up timing equipment, I kept an eye on the system as I helped cheer on over 50,000 runners  finish the last 300 meters of the race.

As part of a partnership with the NBA, basketball legends such as Dikembe Mutombo ran as a 24-man relay team over the course of the marathon.

As part of a partnership with the NBA, basketball legends such as Dikembe Mutombo ran as a 24-man relay team over the course of the marathon.

It was a overall great experience to once again be a part of. Watching thousands of people run by you as they get within arms reach of the finish line is something you just have to applaud.  And now that we’re a week away from the race, let’s look at other things that have during my hiatus.


While I was bobbing and weaving through the hectic traffic of New York City, the film, “Hollidaysburg,” was released on iTunes. Starring Rachel Keller and Tobin Mitnick, the story centers around five friends who return home for thanksgiving after their first semester of college and discover how things have changed or not changed since high school. Directed by Anna Martemucci, the crew consisted of Meena Singh (DP), Chad Dougherty, Stratton Bailey, and a collection of talented individuals. For $9.99, you can download it off of iTunes and based on the reviews, it’s worth the purchase!

Emily is now an official member of the Cirque Du Soleil.

Emily is now an official member of the Cirque Du Soleil.

And another set of good news during my hiatus occurred for one of our favorites here in the Hudson Valley. If you’ve been on set with her, you will eventually see her pull off the feat of balancing a ladder on her chin, juggling multiple bowling pins, and doing a multitude of crazy things. That along with the many talents she possess has earned Emily Carragher a spot with the Cirque Du Soleil. Congratulations and good luck, Emily!


New York Road Runners





Woodstock Film Festival 2014: The Biggest Party Yet

10 10 2014


Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. And today brings the annual edition of my post on the Woodstock Film Festival. The 15th annual festival will take place from Oct. 15th to the 19th and will feature a record number of films that have been filmed in the Hudson Valley. And while we still have projects underway in the valley, I will unfortunately miss out on this event as I’m scheduled to work on a feature during the festival. However, I’m confident the staff will still do well and put on a great event.

Wednesday, October 15th

"East Jerusalem/ West Jerusalem." Directed by Erez Miller and Henrique Cymerman.

“East Jerusalem/ West Jerusalem.” Directed by Erez Miller and Henrique Cymerman.

Opening night usually consists of one screening that is followed by a special event. This year is no different as “East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem” will kick off the Woodstock Film Festival at the Woodstock Playhouse. Showing at 6pm and 7:30pm, the documentary follows Israeli musician, David Broza. With so much friction between Israelis and Palestinians, Broza put it upon himself to create an album that would utilize the power of music to help bridge the gap between cultural divides. Following the 6pm screening, there will be a Q&A session then a musical performance by David Broza with songs from his album, “East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem.”

Thursday, October 16th

"Late Phases," directed by  Adrián García Bogliano.

“Late Phases,” directed by Adrián García Bogliano. Showing at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck on 10/16 @ 7:15pm. Another showing will be at Upstate Films in Woodstock on 10/18 @ 9:30pm.

Now that we’re through opening night, it’s now on to opening day. With more films now showing, one of the films made in the Hudson Valley will finally be seen by the local crowd. Starring Nick Damici, “Late Phases” centers around war veteran, Ambrose Mckinley (Damici). Moving into the community of Crescent Bay, Ambrose eventually finds himself in a terrifying situation as a pattern of violent attacks are discovered to be carried out by beasts that are neither man or animal.

Fun fact to take into account when viewing this film. The crew consisted of Lisa Myers (production designer), Greg Meola (Prop Master), Jesika Farkas (Set Dresser), Emily Carragher (Scripty), Hollis Gilstrap, and many others who live in the Hudson Valley.

Friday, October 17th

"Little White Lie," Directed by Lacy Schwartz.

“Little White Lie,” Directed by Lacy Schwartz. Showing at the Woodstock Playhouse on 10/17 @ 7:45pm. Second screening will be at the Orpheum Theater in Saugerties on 10/18 @ 12pm.

On Friday, another locally produced film to check out is “Little White Lie.” Growing up with a white Jewish family, Lacy faced an identity crisis when it came to understanding her background. Does family of origin or the family that raises us define our identity? In this documentary, Lacy hopes to answer that exact question.

 Saturday, October 18th

"The Sisterhood of Night," directed by Caryn Waechter.

“The Sisterhood of Night,” directed by Caryn Waechter. Showing at the Woodstock Playhouse on 10/18 @ 7pm. Second screening will be at the Rosendale Theater on 10/19 @ 5pm.

Approaching the weekend, you most likely will want to see more of what the festival has to offer. Premiering on this day will be “The Sisterhood of Night.” Shot entirely in Kingston, I was fortunate to be given a few opportunities to work on this film. The movies stars Kal Penn, Kara Hayward, and Georgie Henley as the story centers around a group of girls who form their own secret society within a small town. When the existence of the group is exposed, rumors of what they do sends the town into a frenzy.

Darren Aronofsky

Darren Aronofsky

Also on the 18th will be the Maverick Awards Gala. Held at the BSP Studio in Kingston, the ceremony will include award winners of the “Best of…” categories as well as honorary recipients. Acclaimed director, Darren Aronofsky, will receive the Honorary Maverick Award and have it presented to him by Jennifer Connelly and Natalie Portman.

Sunday, October 19th

"The Better Angels," directed by A.J. Edwards.

“The Better Angels,” directed by A.J. Edwards.

And here we are. The last day of the Woodstock Film Festival. Closing everything will be “The Better Angels.” Directed by A.J. Edwards, the film centers around the family members who helped shaped Abraham Lincoln into the man he became.

So there you have it. Another brief overview what to see and expect from this upcoming Woodstock Film Festival. Make sure to check out as much as possible and have fun!

tanisha 1

jete 2And before I go, I present two pictures I recently took at Couture Modeling. Both models were shot outside the studio and I was given the challenge of using natural lighting to get good shots. Utilizing only my bounce board for Jete, I was able to get a little bit of fill on her face in the above shot. So I’m happy with the results and I hope you are as well.


Woodstock Film Festival

Couture Modeling