First Post of August: New Couture Modeling Pictures and Phan Media

2 08 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. Today marks the first post of August. Although it’s not too special, I feel like a lot of good things will happen this month so I can’t wait.

Angiee Hunt

Model: Angiee Hunt

Today will be short as I have little to go over. This past Friday, I photographed some good shots of a couple models from the Couture Modeling Agency. The above picture of Angiee was taken outside of the studio. In a fairly wooded area, I found a good spot where she wouldn’t be struck by patches of sunlight on her face.

Model Jacqueline Zdanis

Model: Jacqueline Zdanis

The above photo of Jacqueline was taken at the Beacon Train Station. Because there were a good number of people already in the park area, working to avoid getting them in any of my shots forced me to work in certain areas. Fortunately, the spots we chose was workable for everyone and we managed to get some good photography.

And before I go, definitely give this video a watch. This is the first episode of Phan Media, a web show that focuses on the world of creative arts in the hudson valley region. Shawn Strong put a lot of time and effort into making this project happen and now it’s finally here. Be sure to check out the links below and keep an eye out for the second episode, which will air later in the month.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Phan Media

Phan Media Facebook Page