First Post of 2017: Long Overdue

20 02 2017

The ever beautiful sight of NYC.

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to my first blog post of 2017. The time period between my last post and now has consisted of nothing but work with little free time. With the way this year has started off, I expect the trend to continue as I continue on my journey in the film and TV world.

Because of how my schedule is, I will aim to make my blog more of a weekly recap with what’s going on around me and friends that are trying to make their way in the world as well. Along with that, assuming things go as planned, I will try to bring back the photography session series as I’m aiming to get a new camera along with some lighting equipment. So plan on seeing me post on a consistent basis this year.


There’s so much that happened during my hiatus but I can showcase one thing. Earlier last year, I helped my friend, Shawn Strong, with a web series he was shooting. It premiered in December but I’ve recently got a chance to watch the first episode and it’s worth looking at. It’s called “At Risk” and it follows a group of caseworkers as they deal with their clients as well as their own personal issues.


At Risk Web Series (10 episodes currently online)

The Last Post of May: New Material from Doppelgangaz and Phan Media

31 05 2013

doppel 1doppel 2

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to what will be my last blog post of the month. And what better way to end the month than with an update of everyone’s favorite group, the Doppelgangaz. Yesterday, the group released their video for the latest single, “Sunshine,” and it already has over 4,500 views within less than 24 hours.  Like some people say, as long as you stay persistent, you can accomplish anything. In their interview with Mass Appeal, Matter Ov Fact mentioned that they’ve been at it since 1998. So the persistence comment doesn’t ring more true than with what they accomplished.

And another mention to add. Phan Media’s creator, Shawn Strong has posted a video that explains what the show is and what it hopes to achieve, which is to raise awareness to the artistic talents that the Hudson Valley has to offer. Also, starting June 1st, Shawn urges everyone to help promote local artists as it will be SLAM (Support Local Artists Month). So I’ll be sure to do my part this month as my posts next month will make a mention of someone in my area.

So that’s it for the month of May. So be sure to look out for next post in June as I will be promoting someone from the Hudson Valley. So until then, cya!


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

Phan Media Facebook Page

Mass Appeal Twitter Page

More Photography and a Music Video: Phan Media and Katie Revier

19 04 2013
The guys of and phan media creator, Shawn Strong.

The guys of and phan media creator, Shawn Strong.

Hey what’s up everyone. I’m back with another installment of my photography series. Earlier this month, I was in attendance for the rehearsal of one of the segments of the upcoming web show, Phan Media. I managed to tape bts footage as well as take some promotional photos. As I’ve managed to find some free time, I spent the day editing the pics as tweaks were definitely needed.

Same guys from and local artist, Ayonish.

Same guys from and local artist, Ayonish.

While showing a couple pics, I can explaining the tweaking. First, the shots were taken with the ef 18-135mm lens (it came with the camera). Because the lowest I can go was 3.2 for the aperture, I had to lower the shutter speed to 60 and I believe I set the iso to 200. The area in which we shot had a couple various lights but it was overflowing with green from the flurescent light in the background. To balance out the green, I used one of the blue filters in photoshops and a few minor tweaks.

Shawn and AshesDrinks4

After the tweaks, I’m happy with the results. And before I end this post, I’ll post another link. A friend of mine, Gabe Turiello Jr., just released a music video. Doing a live performance, artist Katie Revier performs her song, “Tangerine Haze.” So take a listen and if you can, like her page on facebook as well as the Phan Media Page.


Phan Media Facebook Page

Ashes and Drinks

Katie Revier’s Facebook Page

A Nation within a nation: Jooxnation

5 12 2011

From his early days as a kid to now on December 5th, 2011, E joox has raised his profile as one of the next upcoming rappers out of NYC. From busting freestyles to rapping about his hot pair of nikes, he has created a strong following and is looking to make sure it keeps growing. In episode 1 of “Building a Nation,” which was shot and edited by Justin Mann, E Joox takes time to talk about the projects he’s been involved with as well as what his goals are for 2012. So watch, take a listen, and become a member of Jooxnation!


Jooxnation Website
E Joox Facebook Page
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