Throwback Thursday Photography, Lightning Bugs In a Jar, and a locally produced Commercial

5 05 2016

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. I hope everyone is having a great week. Today is throwback Thursday and what better way to celebrate than to showcase a little throwback photography.


Model Taylor Jenaro

This was taken last year at the Couture Modeling Studio. Speaking of Couture Modeling, the agency has recently redesigned their website. The link will be posted below if you want to view it.


In the film world, a project I worked is now available for the public to view. Directed by the team of Sara Wolkowitz and Ian Simpson, the film was shot entirely in the hudson valley. Starring Betsy Aidem, Devin McDuffee, and Ethan Slater, Lightning Bugs In A Jar is the story of the fractured relationship between a mother, Farrah (Aidem), and her 22 year-old—but far-from-‘adult’—son, Max (McDuffee). The link will be posted below.

And with Mother’s Day approaching, Delta recently unveiled their commercial celebrating the holiday. What’s more special about this video is that this was entirely shot in Poughkeepsie with some of our local crew.


Couture Modeling

Taylor Jenaro’s Page

Lightning Bugs In A Jar

View Lighting Bugs In A Jar


New Couture Modeling Video and BTS footage of “Back in Time”

14 11 2014

What’s up everyone? We’re now approaching the midway point of the month. At this stage of the year, productions slowly began to shut it down as the holidays are right around the corner. But not to fear as I have some great news to share.


Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Nearly a month ago, I shot bts footage for Couture Modeling as a photoshoot was held in NYC. Shooting around Central Park and Times Square, Daniela Velez and Kaela Garrett showcased a variety of outfits for the fall season. Due to the busy schedule I had afterwards, I wasn’t able to finish it till this week.

Though it’s short, I’m happy with how it came out. Special thanks to The Beat God for providing me with the music. In case you’re wondering, it’s from the song, “Like Me,” by D3V featuring The Beat God.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

If you grew up during the mid 80’s to early 90’s, you’ll remember the Back to the Future films that were very popular during that time frame. If you’re itching to know more about the franchise, Jay Aron is currently putting together an documentary on the series and the impact it has put on society even to this day. Shot by Ari Schaeffer, the above video is a behind the scenes look into production as they prepare to interview Christopher Lloyd (although it’s mostly Jay struggling to put together a stand). So to be sure to check out the facebook page to get future updates on the progress of the documentary and when it will be released.


Couture Modeling

Back In Time

Friends in the industry: Samuel’s Game, She Lights Up Well, and BTS Photos.

18 09 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. We are now entering the fall season as the summer has bought about a tremendous amount of projects ranging from indie film to commercials to big time tv shows. And as we brace the upcoming change in weather, it’s now a good opportunity to bring some good news about what’s happening in the indie world.

samuels game

“Samuel’s Game” will be showing at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th at 9pm. Following that, the film will then play at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th at 9pm.

One of the great news I would love to share is that “Samuel’s Game” will finally be seen in the coming weeks. If you’ve been following my blog, you should understand the amount of excitement I have for this project. I had the pleasure of working alongside a great crew as I was still getting my feet wet in the G/E department. Though I only day played for a few days, it felt as though I was on for the whole shoot. So definitely check it out as it will show at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th then at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th.

The film, "She Lights Up Well."

The film, “She Lights Up Well.”

Another film that was released recently is called, “She Lights Up Well.” Written and directed by Joyce Wu, the story centers around an out of work actress who moves back in with her parents in the suburbs of Detroit. With a local community theater facing the threat of being shut down due to a budget crisis, she directs a theater production with the hopes of saving it. The movie is available to view on I’ll post the direct link below and it only costs $2.99 for a 3 day rental.

From a recent feature. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

From the paranormal thriller, “Dwelling.” Directed by Kyle Mecca, the crew consisted of Matthew Nardone (DP), Kash Costner (Key Grip), and many others who helped put it together. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

And in what’s been an ongoing series, I’ve asked people to submit behind the scenes photos as a way to showcase the people who help make the films. Taken by Scotty Franklin, this photo was from a recent feature called “Dwelling,” a paranormal thriller that was shot in Buffalo, NY. This rig was made for an overhead dolly shot. In case your wondering, the sand bags placed on the speed rails served two purposes. For one, they acted as a counterweight to help prevent the rig from tipping over. Another purpose was for providing a cushioned groove for the ratchets and steel cables to prevent wear and tear from being pulled.

So that’s it for now. As the next few weeks could potentially be very busy for me, I’m not sure when my post will be. But until then, cya!


Samuel’s Game

She Lights Up Well

4th of July Special: Spirit Animal, Dev, I Said Cut, Jolimage, and Hevn’ Li Angel

4 07 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s another installment of my blog. July is slowly getting underway as the fourth of July weekend is upon us. It will be nice to possibly see fireworks after what has been a gloomy few days of on and off rain. But as we wait until night falls to see the show, I figured my blog post can in some way entertain you.

Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Released near the end of last month, I was fortunate to work alongside a great group of people on the “BST FRNDS” music video by Spirit Animal. Directed by Kris Merc and Dped by Ahmed Klink, the video premiered on MtvU and has been well received.

D3V and Tha Beat God

D3V and Tha Beat God

In other music news, Dev McCray has just released his music video for his single, “King Sh*t,” featuring Slim Rogers. The song is off of his album, Labor II, which is currently available on Itunes. And another bit of great news. Dev, alongside with Tha Beat God, are both scheduled to open for Snoop Dogg at the Upstate Concert Hall on July 11th. Link will be posted below if you want to buy tickets for the show.


As requested by Tara Latorre, I would like to make a mention of a project that will be shown later this year. I Said Cut Production is currently in the production phase of their film, “July.” The film will be shot entirely in the Hudson Valley, mostly in Beacon and Wallkill.


Before I made this post, I asked on facebook if anyone wanted anything posted that related to what they were working on. Just like Tara, Cory Barthelemy made a request to have something promoted. Not too long ago, he started a clothing line called Jolimages. While it’s still in the early stages, it’s already being showcased at events with the most notable being the red carpet event of the season finale of MTV’s, “Are you the one.” To check out some of their clothing products, take a look at the website, which will be posted below.

Hevn' Li Angel

Hevn’ Li Angel

In the last bit of news, I’m gonna showcase another artist. A couple days ago, I got an email from Hevn’Li Angel asking me to put her in my blog. After checking out some of the links she posted in the email, I became interested in her work. She’s a Christian rapper who is from San Diego. She’s currently on tour and not too along, she released her latest mixtape, “To Whom It May Concern Vol. 1.” The mixtape is free for download on her website, which I will post below.


Spirit Animal

July 11th Snoop Dogg Show

I Said Cut Productions


Hevn’ Li Angel’s Official Website

Knightmares, Cold in July, Good Ol Boy, and Doppelgangaz

4 06 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s your favorite blogger that is back from a fairly long hiatus. The month of may has been somewhat busy. Working a few shoots along with working the Brooklyn Half Marathon can take a lot of you as I couldn’t find the focus to update my blog until now. So since I’m in a writing mood, I have plenty of good news to share with you.


“Knightmares,” Winner of 4 awards at the New York City Golden Egg Film Festival.

During the past month, I had the pleasure of working alongside Stratton Bailey on a short film in Woodstock. In the indie film world, Stratton is one of the most well known Key Grips and a great person to work with. One of the films he has worked on is “Knightmares.” Along with friends Tyler Chong (Gaffer) and Doug Durant (1st AC), the entire crew has put together a great piece of work and it has already been rewarded for it.

At the NYC Golden Egg Film Festival, “Knightmares” has won awards for Best Hair and Makeup, Best Special Effects, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director of a Short Film, and Original Screenplay. The next showing of the short will be at LA’s Golden Egg Festival, which will be from November 6th to the 14th. So mark your calendars if you want to see it.


In other film news, “Cold In July” is now opening in select theaters and my friends are telling me this is a must see. If you’re free on June 6th, the film will be showing at the Spectrum 8 theater in Albany.

good ol boy

Good Ol’ Boy

If you’re keeping an eye on the film scene in the hudson valley, you’ll know that they’ve been shooting the feature film, “Good Ol’ Boy,” in the area. Nearing the end of principal photography, the film is a coming of age comedy that stars Jason Lee (“My Name Is Earl”), Anjul Nigam (“Bad Words”), Brighton Sharbino (“The Walking Dead”), Roni Akurati (“Prodigy Bully”), Hilarie Burton (“One Tree Hill”), Poorna Jagannathan (“Delhi Belly”), Shoba Narayanan (“Gossip Girl”), and Samrat Chakrabarti (“Midnight’s Children”).

Artwork made by @lostxrubies

Artwork made by @lostxrubies


And in the music world, the Doppelgangaz continue their good run. The Peace Kehd tour has been a success so far, and for the month of June, the duo will make it’s way to the US after their stops in Germany.

To end this blog, I present this video. Rexy Radcliffe, a fan of the Doppelgangaz, recently made her own rendition of their song, “Nexium.” So take a look and feel free to comment about it. It’s great seeing a group grow from having a few fans to having over 20,000 on facebook and over 5,000 followers on twitter.



“Knightmares” Official Website

“Good Ol’ Boy” Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Doppelgangaz Twitter Page

New Trailer for “Cold in July”

16 04 2014


What’s up everybody? Welcome to another addition of my blog. Today, I have big news to share with you. If you’ve been following the filming world in the Hudson Valley, you should be aware that area is buzzing about the latest trailer for “Cold in July.” It’s based on the novel by Joe R. Lansdale, where “on a hot Texas summer night in 1989, family man Richard Dane (Dexter’s Michael C. Hall) awakens to the sound of a burglar breaking into his home. In a panic, he shoots the intruder dead—but this nightmare is only just beginning. Although he’s hailed as a small-town hero, Dane soon finds himself fearing for his family’s safety when the burglar’s ex-con father Ben (Sam Shepard) rolls into town, hell-bent on revenge. However, not all is as it seems. Misled by the cops and desperate for answers, Richard embarks on an increasingly berserk, bloodstained quest to discover what really happened that night.”

The film was shot entirely in the Hudson Valley. I was fortunate enough to work on this project alongside great people on multiple occasions as they sometimes needed an extra grip or electric. The film has been shown at this year’s Sundance film festival and has received a ton of positive reviews. With news of a limited release in may, it’s a joyous time to celebrate if you’re fan of Hudson Valley Film Production.

Return from the Hiatus

13 03 2014

After more than a month away from the last blog, I’m finally back. The month of February was a fun filled one for me. I worked on a feature that took place in the Kingston area. It was fun setting up lights in blizzard like conditions and bonding with a crew that mostly consisted of those that you worked with. It was a great time that was unfortunately cut short due to car issues. But I didn’t let that get me down too much. After getting my car fixed, I got to be an extra on a big budget movie for a day, I worked on a short film for two days, saw a friend premiere her first film as a director, and I recently got finished working on a commercial. So, during this stretch, I was reminded of a important lesson that I learned when I was starting out. Always keep your head up and no matter what, keep pushing forward. I applied that and thankfully, I overcame a little adversity.

dev mcray and doc

During my stretch of work, the Doppelgangaz released their latest album, “Peace Kehd.” I wasn’t able to blog on it at the time and I also still have yet to purchase the album, lol. So that’ll be for another blog. However, I have other music news to share. D3v and Docondabeat have released their first videoblog. In the coming months, both will release their albums, with “Young Rich and Famous” dropping on 4/22 followed by “Labor 2” on 5/5. So keep an eye out for them.

adult children

And during my “Hiatus,” a few friends of mine have premiered their films. Emily Carragher premiered her short, “Adult Children,” which was her first film as a director. A film about coping with the sudden loss of a loved one, I was able to catch it when it showed at the Rosendale Theater and it was time well spent.

Samantha Light, Director of "Cold Axe Bitch"

Samantha Light, Director of “Cold Axe Bitch”

Earlier in the week, another friend of mine premiered her short. Samantha Light uploaded her short, “Cold Axe Bitch,” to youtube. A commercial and short movie tied into one, it’s a unique and creative way of showcasing the Axe Body Spray product. Check it out and make sure to leave comments to let everyone what you think.