Photography Session: Taylor And Stefanie

22 10 2017

Hey everyone. Welcome to another installment of my blog. I know it’s been a while since my last post. So much has happened and work has been nonstop. But even so, I managed to find some time to do some photography and I present to you another photography session.


This past weekend, I took photos of Stefanie and Taylor in Poughkeepsie, NY. This go around, I used my new camera (5d mark iv) and loved how the pictures came out as compared to my canon 60d. The photo above was taken inside the train station. The great thing about the area we shot in was how the windows helped soften the sunlight coming through. We managed to pull off a good number of photos at this spot.


The second location was a nearby park. With the sun coming in and out, almost every shot was different due to the constant changing in natural light. But at the same time, it made some of the pictures stand out well because of it. The only negative about this location was that there were no benches that faced the other way, which would’ve given me the option of the getting the mid hudson bridge in the background.



So I may release more down the road as I have a good number of shots. If anyone is interested in having their pictures taken, you can contact me by email, which is So until next time, have a great Sunday everyone!


Return from hiatus and a new camera

2 07 2017

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition of my blog. I know it’s been a long time since my last post. Due to having so many things going on, it’s difficult to blog on a consistent basis. And with work picking up again, it’ll be even tougher.

With the free time I have today, I’m happy to share news that I recently got myself a new camera. It’s the Canon 5d mark iv and I’m already loving it as I’ve taken a few pics with it. Once I get to fully take advantage of all of it’s unique features, it’s gonna be fun filled ride!

bag pipe player

Taken during Veteran’s Day Parade

During the Veteran’s Day Parade was when I first started using this camera. I did everything manual and was using a 24-70mm lens. I was amazed at how the images came out with the weather and everyone constantly moving. I took a lot of good photos that day and the one above was one the top photos. The day overall was good. Despite the heavy rain, there was a decent turnout.


And here’s another photo I’ve taken. This was nearly a month ago as I took photos for Taylor and his co-workers at the Captiva Group. Again, I shot everything on full manual and I alternated between different lens. Photos came out great and everyone at that company loved them.

As things get more busy, it’ll be tough to be consistent but I will try to post every weekend if I can. On another note, if you’re reading this and are interested in having your photos taken, feel free to contact me by email:

“Real Love/Cake Up” by Chelsea Denea

20 04 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my second post of the month. This one will be short.


Produced by D.O.C., “Real Love/Cake Up” is by Chelsey Denea, who is based out of Albany, NY. Give it a look and keep an eye for more music from her as well as other artists from the 518 such as D.O.C. and D3v.


Chelsey Denea’s Twitter

D.O.C.’s Twitter

Photography Session: Brittany Savage

2 07 2015

Hey everyone! Welcome to what will be another installment of my photography session. Today, it’ll be a short write up but I have two pictures of one model I shot a couple days ago.

brittany1This past Tuesday, I shot Brittany Savage of Couture Modeling. Both photos that you see were taken just outside of the studio. In the above photo, the car used belongs to Brittany. The outfit was a good compliment to the vehicle along the building that you see in the background. The first shot was all natural lighting as it was overcast weather at the time. For the second shot, I had to use my external flash.

brittany2Special thanks to Kristin Pardee and Nicole Latty for doing a wonderful hair and makeup job. And with that, this session is over.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Photography Session: New Pics of Marissa Stearns and Stefanie Perry

15 06 2015

Hey everyone! Welcome to another installment of my blog. Today brings another edition to my photography session series. After finding success with a new style of editing, I decided to try it out on two more recent pics and I’m loving how it’s coming together.

Model: Marissa Stearns. Hair by Nicole Latty and Makeup by Bri Quigley.

Model: Marissa Stearns. Hair by Nicole Latty and Makeup by Bri Quigley.

The first photo is one that I took of Marissa at a coffee place nearby the studio. I only used a bounce board to provide a slight amount of fill as the natural lighting took care of the rest.

Model: Stefanie Perry. Hair and Makeup by Kristin Pardee.

Model: Stefanie Perry. Hair and Makeup by Kristin Pardee.

And the second photo, I shot just outside the studio. I did originally bring my flash but opted not to use it since the natural light was doing a great job. For both pics, the editing was a combination of strategies that I’ve learned and used from the first picture to now. So I’m loving the results that Im now getting with these pictures and I hope you love them as well!


Couture Modeling

Marissa Stearns Page

Stefanie Perry’s Page

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Photography Session: Maria Manrique and New Music by D.O.C.

25 03 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another edition of my blog. Today will be short as I go over a couple things.

maria outside

Model Maria Manrique

First up is another addition to my ever growing photography session series. I took this shot of Maria over the weekend and I love the fact that I had her in perfect focus. I had my settings at f/4, 1/125th shutter speed, and 125 ISO for this one and then decided it looked better in black and white when it came to the post production phase.



And in the music world, D.O.C. released the music video to his latest single, “Believe.” Give it a watch and also check out his soundcloud page as he has been releasing a lot of good music. I’ll post the link below.


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

D.O.C. Soundcloud Page

Photography Session: The Great Race

24 06 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my photography session. This past Sunday, participants of the 2014 Great Race reached their pit stop at Shadows on the Hudson in Poughkeepsie, NY. The event is a cross country race that started in Maine and will finish in Florida. It’s more of a precision race than a competitive one as the objective is to maintain a certain speed and follow objectives.

One of the many classic cars showcased.

One of the many classic cars showcased.

While I don’t consider myself to be a car person, I was amazed at the amount of vintage vehicles that were driven. I managed to get a good amount of photos as the venue was packed with spectators. The event went on till 9pm but I left at around 7.

pic 2

For this photo, I originally turned the color temperature all the way tungsten just to see how it would look. In my opinion, the result is breathtaking.

For this event, I used the 18-135mm ef lens the entire time. Because the lighting was different in every area that I shot, constantly adjusting the aperture was a nuisance. I stayed within f/6.3 – f/9, had the shutter speed at 1/250 since I was handheld, and kept ISO at 100.

pic 15

During the post production phase, I toyed with the color temperature a little bit. On a couple photos, I turned the photo all the way tungsten to see how it would look. The steering wheel is the only one that came out great using that tactic. On the other pics, I dialed back a little bit on the color temperature and made slight tweaks on contrast, saturation, and vibrance.

More Photos on my tumblr page if you click on this sentence.