Back from another hiatus

30 10 2016

It’s been that kind of summer.

Hey what’s up everyone. Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s been months since my last post and within that time period, it has been constant work with little free time. But I can’t complain as I get to be in various places in New York City and work alongside a variety of different people.


Beautiful Sunrise.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much to write about on this go around and I’m not sure what the next time  will be when I post. However, you can follow me on instagram @cwashin845 where I’ve been posting pictures of the many sights of my travels.

And before I go, here’s the trailer to the iron fist, a show that I’ve dayplayed on a few times. It’s based on the marvel comic book character. Be sure to catch it when it premieres in March 2017.


Fall Modeling and Fall Fashion: The Post before Thanksgiving

25 11 2014

Welcome to another post by yours truly.  At this time, we’re getting near the end of the month, which means it won’t be long until we’re all stuffing our mouths with turkey, stuffing, and all the other treats of Thanksgiving. With some time left before the holiday, I figured I would get one more post in before Turkey Day. Over the past weekend, Couture Modeling performed a handful of shoots ranging from the studio to New York City.

Model: Perpetua Smith. Fashion Designer: Juda Leah. Photo by: Lendell Simmons.

Model: Perpetua Smith. Fashion Designer: Juda Leah. Photo by: Lendell Simmons.

On Saturday, it was a fairly crazy day as shoots were held in and around the studio. With a handful of models showing off different fashion looks, it was an accomplishment to get so much done within a short period of time. In the above photo, taken by Lendell Simmons, one of the outfits by Juda Leah atelier & boutique is worn by Perpetua Smith. Based in Saugerties and now open in NYC, the store showcases a wide variety of handmade jewelry, arts, gift, and clothing such as the one in the photo.

Model: Alyssa Manthos. Photo by Lendell Simmons

Model: Alyssa Manthos. Photo by Lendell Simmons

On Sunday, the agency traveled to the city to shoot in the midtown area. Mostly near times square and at Bryant Park, the weather was ideal for the photos that were taken. In the above photo, Alyssa is in Bryant Park as the sun gives an nice edge on her face and hair.  If you want to see more photos, check out the Couture Modeling website as well as the facebook page.


NYC Inspired Drawing of Jolimage.


The latest of new hats by Jolimage.

And in the world of fashion, be sure to keep an eye out for Jolimage. Founded by Cory Bathelemy, the company specializes in apparel and accessories for a generation of unique individuals. You can follow the company on their facebook, twitter, and on instagram as they have a following of fans wearing their clothing. By the beginning of 2015, Jolimage will have a fully reconstructed website and will have an expansion of apparel. So be on the lookout!


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

Juda Leah atelier & boutique

Juda Leah atelier & boutique facebook page

Jolimage Facebook Page

Jolimage Twitter Page

Jolimage Instagram

New Couture Modeling Video and BTS footage of “Back in Time”

14 11 2014

What’s up everyone? We’re now approaching the midway point of the month. At this stage of the year, productions slowly began to shut it down as the holidays are right around the corner. But not to fear as I have some great news to share.


Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Model Kaela Garrett on the streets of New York. Photo Credit: Lendell Simmons

Nearly a month ago, I shot bts footage for Couture Modeling as a photoshoot was held in NYC. Shooting around Central Park and Times Square, Daniela Velez and Kaela Garrett showcased a variety of outfits for the fall season. Due to the busy schedule I had afterwards, I wasn’t able to finish it till this week.

Though it’s short, I’m happy with how it came out. Special thanks to The Beat God for providing me with the music. In case you’re wondering, it’s from the song, “Like Me,” by D3V featuring The Beat God.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

From left to right: Jay Aron, Actor Christopher Lloyd, and Lee Leshen.

If you grew up during the mid 80’s to early 90’s, you’ll remember the Back to the Future films that were very popular during that time frame. If you’re itching to know more about the franchise, Jay Aron is currently putting together an documentary on the series and the impact it has put on society even to this day. Shot by Ari Schaeffer, the above video is a behind the scenes look into production as they prepare to interview Christopher Lloyd (although it’s mostly Jay struggling to put together a stand). So to be sure to check out the facebook page to get future updates on the progress of the documentary and when it will be released.


Couture Modeling

Back In Time

Post NYC Marathon: What happened during the hiatus

9 11 2014

What’s up everyone? Welcome to the post NYC Marathon edition of my blog. Yes, it has been nearly a month since my last post due to the NYC Marathon.

In the weeks leading to the city’s biggest event, I was doing various tasks that involved working with different departments of the New York Road Runners. Initially, I was responsible for sorting timing equipment for each checkpoint of the marathon. Later on, I would be assisting the transportation department in moving cargo and people throughout different locations in Manhattan and Staten Island. On the day of the marathon, I was stationed at Mile 26. After setting up timing equipment, I kept an eye on the system as I helped cheer on over 50,000 runners  finish the last 300 meters of the race.

As part of a partnership with the NBA, basketball legends such as Dikembe Mutombo ran as a 24-man relay team over the course of the marathon.

As part of a partnership with the NBA, basketball legends such as Dikembe Mutombo ran as a 24-man relay team over the course of the marathon.

It was a overall great experience to once again be a part of. Watching thousands of people run by you as they get within arms reach of the finish line is something you just have to applaud.  And now that we’re a week away from the race, let’s look at other things that have during my hiatus.


While I was bobbing and weaving through the hectic traffic of New York City, the film, “Hollidaysburg,” was released on iTunes. Starring Rachel Keller and Tobin Mitnick, the story centers around five friends who return home for thanksgiving after their first semester of college and discover how things have changed or not changed since high school. Directed by Anna Martemucci, the crew consisted of Meena Singh (DP), Chad Dougherty, Stratton Bailey, and a collection of talented individuals. For $9.99, you can download it off of iTunes and based on the reviews, it’s worth the purchase!

Emily is now an official member of the Cirque Du Soleil.

Emily is now an official member of the Cirque Du Soleil.

And another set of good news during my hiatus occurred for one of our favorites here in the Hudson Valley. If you’ve been on set with her, you will eventually see her pull off the feat of balancing a ladder on her chin, juggling multiple bowling pins, and doing a multitude of crazy things. That along with the many talents she possess has earned Emily Carragher a spot with the Cirque Du Soleil. Congratulations and good luck, Emily!


New York Road Runners





First Post of October 2014: Latest video from D3V and Latest Pics from Couture Modeling

1 10 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to the first blog of October! What a way to end September for me as I worked on a great short film and ended the last week of the month by working the Bronx 10 mile race. This month is off to a potentially good start as I’ve been contacted by a few production companies about working on their upcoming projects. So while I’m keeping my fingers crossed, here’s a few other things that have been happening as of late.

Dev McCray

Dev McCray

In music news, D3V released the video to his latest single, “Like Me” featuring D.O.C. Released this past Sunday, the video has already accumulated over 1,000 views. So give it a watch and if you haven’t already, get his latest album, Labor II, which is currently available.

The Skins

The Skins

In other music news, The Skins will be at the upcoming CGBG festival on Oct. 9th as they will open for keynote speaker, Billy Idol. Started in 2012 ,the CGBG festival has become one of the biggest music and film festivals in NYC, making it huge step for the band to be the opening act to kick it all off.  The festival will take place throughout Manhattan from Oct. 8th to the 12th, so there’s plenty of events that will be offered. Click on the link below for more info and how to get tickets to watch the Skins rip it on stage.

Model: Michelle Michalko Photo Taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Michelle Michalko
Photo Taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Christian Medina Photo taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Christian Medina
Photo taken by Lendell Simmons

And in the last piece of news, Couture Modeling has released new pictures. Taken by Lendell Simmons, who’s in charge of the company, the photos above feature Christian Medina and Michelle Michalko. If you check out the website, there are more pictures that have recently been uploaded. And if you’re interested in modeling and want your picture to look like the ones above, there’s contact info on the site as well.


D3V Twitter Page

The Skins Twitter Page

The Skins Facebook Page

CGBG Music and Film Festival

Couture Modeling

Friends in the industry: Samuel’s Game, She Lights Up Well, and BTS Photos.

18 09 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. We are now entering the fall season as the summer has bought about a tremendous amount of projects ranging from indie film to commercials to big time tv shows. And as we brace the upcoming change in weather, it’s now a good opportunity to bring some good news about what’s happening in the indie world.

samuels game

“Samuel’s Game” will be showing at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th at 9pm. Following that, the film will then play at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th at 9pm.

One of the great news I would love to share is that “Samuel’s Game” will finally be seen in the coming weeks. If you’ve been following my blog, you should understand the amount of excitement I have for this project. I had the pleasure of working alongside a great crew as I was still getting my feet wet in the G/E department. Though I only day played for a few days, it felt as though I was on for the whole shoot. So definitely check it out as it will show at the Coney Island Film Festival on Sept. 20th then at the Bushwick Film Festival on Oct. 4th.

The film, "She Lights Up Well."

The film, “She Lights Up Well.”

Another film that was released recently is called, “She Lights Up Well.” Written and directed by Joyce Wu, the story centers around an out of work actress who moves back in with her parents in the suburbs of Detroit. With a local community theater facing the threat of being shut down due to a budget crisis, she directs a theater production with the hopes of saving it. The movie is available to view on I’ll post the direct link below and it only costs $2.99 for a 3 day rental.

From a recent feature. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

From the paranormal thriller, “Dwelling.” Directed by Kyle Mecca, the crew consisted of Matthew Nardone (DP), Kash Costner (Key Grip), and many others who helped put it together. Photo Credit: Scotty Franklin

And in what’s been an ongoing series, I’ve asked people to submit behind the scenes photos as a way to showcase the people who help make the films. Taken by Scotty Franklin, this photo was from a recent feature called “Dwelling,” a paranormal thriller that was shot in Buffalo, NY. This rig was made for an overhead dolly shot. In case your wondering, the sand bags placed on the speed rails served two purposes. For one, they acted as a counterweight to help prevent the rig from tipping over. Another purpose was for providing a cushioned groove for the ratchets and steel cables to prevent wear and tear from being pulled.

So that’s it for now. As the next few weeks could potentially be very busy for me, I’m not sure when my post will be. But until then, cya!


Samuel’s Game

She Lights Up Well

Soul Food:New Music by E. Joox and Lucid Dreams

10 09 2014

What’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s the midway point of the week and we have new music released by a couple artists that you should be familiar with. As you’ll see, I didn’t write much as I believe the music will speak for itself.

E. Joox

E. Joox

Always staying busy and grinding away, E. Joox has had a great 2014 so far. Earlier in the week, he released the video for his single, “Soul Food.” Off of his recent EP, “Black in America,” it’s 4 minutes of storytelling that hits you inside. Definitely worth a listen.



Another video to check out is by D.O.C. Although released near the end of last month, “Fire Flies” is off the upcoming project, #thecountdown.

And this was released yesterday. Featuring D.O.C. and D3V, the name of the song is U.A.K. (U Already Know) by Ace Supreme.


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