2017 Weekly Roundup 1: E Joox Music Video and Chasaity Colon

26 02 2017

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome back to my blog. Today marks the first of what I hope will be a weekly roundup series. Each week, I will keep everyone up to date about what’s going on around me and the people I know who are trying to make their way in their respective craft. Today will only cover two things but it will be more expansive.


E Joox

Though I have hardly covered him, E Joox has been steadily moving along in the music world. Recently, he has linked up with Hailz Calmlee and Rudy Rush of offdabloc records to make the music video for the single, “Off Da Bloc.” With almost two months into the year, E Joox is already collaborating with other artists and we’ll definitely more material come from him as the year progresses.


Chasaity Colon (Couture Modeling Agency)

And in the modeling world, there are some who are moving up in the world. Chasaity Colon has been featured in my photography posts on a few occasions so everyone should be familiar with her. Lately, she has been featured in ads for Against All Odds and this past week, they unveiled new photos including the one above. So if you walk into any AAO Clothing stores, I guarantee you’ll see her face along the walls. Congratulations Chasaity!


And lastly for today, there’s me. This past week has been slow as I only worked on an overnighter and spent the rest of my time trying to keep myself in shape. But overall, this has been a fairly good week for me and everyone else. So stay tuned for next weekend as things will get more interesting as the year goes along.


E Joox Twitter Page

Couture Modeling Agency

Chasaity Colon’s Page

Against All Odds


Back after the hiatus: New music from L-Squad

11 07 2016

It’s been a fairly busy two months since the last post.

Hey everyone. Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s been two months since my last post and it’s been a fairly busy two months.


From two weeks ago.

I’ve been almost all over the state of New York as well as parts of Connecticut where I’m either on a commercial set or working a road race. With so much travel, it’s been somewhat hard to do anything else. And with the summer upon us, it’s only going to get even more busy. But I’m up to the challenge of keeping my blog updated and filling you in on what’s going on around me.



Because my post will be short today, I will end it with some new music. The song is called “U Already Know,” and it’s by the group, L-Squad. They’re based out of the Hudson Valley and their single is off of their EP titled, #WTT (Watch The Takeover). So watch and share the video and enjoy the rest of this fine week as I will myself.


L-Squad Facebook Page

First Post of October 2014: Latest video from D3V and Latest Pics from Couture Modeling

1 10 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? Welcome to the first blog of October! What a way to end September for me as I worked on a great short film and ended the last week of the month by working the Bronx 10 mile race. This month is off to a potentially good start as I’ve been contacted by a few production companies about working on their upcoming projects. So while I’m keeping my fingers crossed, here’s a few other things that have been happening as of late.

Dev McCray

Dev McCray

In music news, D3V released the video to his latest single, “Like Me” featuring D.O.C. Released this past Sunday, the video has already accumulated over 1,000 views. So give it a watch and if you haven’t already, get his latest album, Labor II, which is currently available.

The Skins

The Skins

In other music news, The Skins will be at the upcoming CGBG festival on Oct. 9th as they will open for keynote speaker, Billy Idol. Started in 2012 ,the CGBG festival has become one of the biggest music and film festivals in NYC, making it huge step for the band to be the opening act to kick it all off.  The festival will take place throughout Manhattan from Oct. 8th to the 12th, so there’s plenty of events that will be offered. Click on the link below for more info and how to get tickets to watch the Skins rip it on stage.

Model: Michelle Michalko Photo Taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Michelle Michalko
Photo Taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Christian Medina Photo taken by Lendell Simmons

Model: Christian Medina
Photo taken by Lendell Simmons

And in the last piece of news, Couture Modeling has released new pictures. Taken by Lendell Simmons, who’s in charge of the company, the photos above feature Christian Medina and Michelle Michalko. If you check out the website, there are more pictures that have recently been uploaded. And if you’re interested in modeling and want your picture to look like the ones above, there’s contact info on the site as well.


D3V Twitter Page

The Skins Twitter Page

The Skins Facebook Page

CGBG Music and Film Festival

Couture Modeling

Soul Food:New Music by E. Joox and Lucid Dreams

10 09 2014

What’s up everyone? Welcome to another installment of my blog. It’s the midway point of the week and we have new music released by a couple artists that you should be familiar with. As you’ll see, I didn’t write much as I believe the music will speak for itself.

E. Joox

E. Joox

Always staying busy and grinding away, E. Joox has had a great 2014 so far. Earlier in the week, he released the video for his single, “Soul Food.” Off of his recent EP, “Black in America,” it’s 4 minutes of storytelling that hits you inside. Definitely worth a listen.



Another video to check out is by D.O.C. Although released near the end of last month, “Fire Flies” is off the upcoming project, #thecountdown.

And this was released yesterday. Featuring D.O.C. and D3V, the name of the song is U.A.K. (U Already Know) by Ace Supreme.


E. Joox Facebook

Joox Twitter

D.O.C. Twitter


The first post of August: Doppelgangaz and Couture Modeling Video Im working on

2 08 2014

What’s up boys and girls. Welcome to the first August 2014 edition of my blog.

My friend, Greg Meola, working on "The Ticket." Photo taken by Zev Vel.

My friend, Greg Meola, working on “The Ticket.” Photo taken by Zev Vel.

The summer has been spectacular this year as a ton of projects have come up to the Hudson Valley. As you can see, I’ve been having a hard time keeping my blog updated as I’ve been busy myself. Dayplaying on features along with working on commercials will do that to anyone. But fortunately, as I’m still half asleep, I have some free time to write this post. So let’s talk about what’s been happening.

The Doppelgangaz

The Doppelgangaz



While I’ve been having a busy summer, the Doppelgangaz have been staying active as well. While they’re currently touring the US, they head out to Canada and Poland during the month of Sharktember. They’re also working on their next beats album, “Dopic of Discussion,” which is scheduled to be released sometime in the near future.

Model Dana Cannella. Photo taken by Lendell Simmons.

Model Dana Cannella. Photo taken by Lendell Simmons.

In other related news, the Doppelgangaz have granted me permission to use their music as background for a video I’m putting together.

Model Kaela Garrett. Photo is a unedited video still.

Model Kaela Garrett. Photo is a unedited video still.

Earlier in the week, I shot behind the scenes footage of a photoshoot for Couture Modeling. Taking place at one of the beaches near the city, over an hour and a half of footage was shot of models taking photos at various spots in the area. With the little free time I have, I can now start the editing process and put it all together. So make sure to keep an eye out as I will post updates about the progress of the video.


Doppelgangaz Facebook Page

Couture Modeling


4th of July Special: Spirit Animal, Dev, I Said Cut, Jolimage, and Hevn’ Li Angel

4 07 2014

Hey what’s up everyone? It’s another installment of my blog. July is slowly getting underway as the fourth of July weekend is upon us. It will be nice to possibly see fireworks after what has been a gloomy few days of on and off rain. But as we wait until night falls to see the show, I figured my blog post can in some way entertain you.

Spirit Animal

Spirit Animal

Released near the end of last month, I was fortunate to work alongside a great group of people on the “BST FRNDS” music video by Spirit Animal. Directed by Kris Merc and Dped by Ahmed Klink, the video premiered on MtvU and has been well received.

D3V and Tha Beat God

D3V and Tha Beat God

In other music news, Dev McCray has just released his music video for his single, “King Sh*t,” featuring Slim Rogers. The song is off of his album, Labor II, which is currently available on Itunes. And another bit of great news. Dev, alongside with Tha Beat God, are both scheduled to open for Snoop Dogg at the Upstate Concert Hall on July 11th. Link will be posted below if you want to buy tickets for the show.


As requested by Tara Latorre, I would like to make a mention of a project that will be shown later this year. I Said Cut Production is currently in the production phase of their film, “July.” The film will be shot entirely in the Hudson Valley, mostly in Beacon and Wallkill.


Before I made this post, I asked on facebook if anyone wanted anything posted that related to what they were working on. Just like Tara, Cory Barthelemy made a request to have something promoted. Not too long ago, he started a clothing line called Jolimages. While it’s still in the early stages, it’s already being showcased at events with the most notable being the red carpet event of the season finale of MTV’s, “Are you the one.” To check out some of their clothing products, take a look at the website, which will be posted below.

Hevn' Li Angel

Hevn’ Li Angel

In the last bit of news, I’m gonna showcase another artist. A couple days ago, I got an email from Hevn’Li Angel asking me to put her in my blog. After checking out some of the links she posted in the email, I became interested in her work. She’s a Christian rapper who is from San Diego. She’s currently on tour and not too along, she released her latest mixtape, “To Whom It May Concern Vol. 1.” The mixtape is free for download on her website, which I will post below.


Spirit Animal

July 11th Snoop Dogg Show

I Said Cut Productions


Hevn’ Li Angel’s Official Website

“Sitting on the Throne” by Olamide

12 06 2014

Hey guys and girls! I’m back with another blog. After posting the first set of pictures from the fashion show, I was happy to see that it got over 60 views within a two day period. Once I get my other sd card back, I’ll hopefully get to post a few more. But for now, I want to show you a video I had the pleasure of working on.

Nigerian Rapper, Olamide

Nigerian Rapper, Olamide


Though this music video was released back in March, I managed to stumble upon this today. I was dolly grip on this shoot, the dp was Victor Suarez, and the gaffer was Lydia Sudall. Shot on a brisk day in February in a brooklyn studio, it was a long day of going back and forth on the dolly track. But the dolly shots they used looked pretty good in the video so it was worth the sweat and hard work.

It’s nice that the video has over 100,000 views to date. Olamide is one of the most popular rappers in Nigeria, and there’s another music video of his that I dolly gripped on. I don’t think they released that one yet, but once they do, I’ll be sure to post it on here!