“Real Love/Cake Up” by Chelsea Denea

20 04 2016


Hey everyone! Welcome to my second post of the month. This one will be short.


Produced by D.O.C., “Real Love/Cake Up” is by Chelsey Denea, who is based out of Albany, NY. Give it a look and keep an eye for more music from her as well as other artists from the 518 such as D.O.C. and D3v.


Chelsey Denea’s Twitter

D.O.C.’s Twitter


A Cover Song By Kydd Runaway

2 02 2012

Hey everyone. Welcome to what will be my second music blog post of 2012! With two posts in one week, it looks like my blog page is getting off to a good start! So to keep the momentum going, I bring to you music by a local artist by the name of Kydd Runaway. This is a cover of “We Found Love,” originally performed by Rihanna and Calvin Harris. While it is only a cover song, Kydd does a great job of implementing his style on the track. It gets to the point where you almost forget that it’s a cover song.If you don’t believe me, take a listen and decide for yourself!


Kydd Runaway Facebook Page