Photography Session: Taylor And Stefanie

22 10 2017

Hey everyone. Welcome to another installment of my blog. I know it’s been a while since my last post. So much has happened and work has been nonstop. But even so, I managed to find some time to do some photography and I present to you another photography session.


This past weekend, I took photos of Stefanie and Taylor in Poughkeepsie, NY. This go around, I used my new camera (5d mark iv) and loved how the pictures came out as compared to my canon 60d. The photo above was taken inside the train station. The great thing about the area we shot in was how the windows helped soften the sunlight coming through. We managed to pull off a good number of photos at this spot.


The second location was a nearby park. With the sun coming in and out, almost every shot was different due to the constant changing in natural light. But at the same time, it made some of the pictures stand out well because of it. The only negative about this location was that there were no benches that faced the other way, which would’ve given me the option of the getting the mid hudson bridge in the background.



So I may release more down the road as I have a good number of shots. If anyone is interested in having their pictures taken, you can contact me by email, which is So until next time, have a great Sunday everyone!


First Post of 2015: Part 1 of the Stefanie Perry Transformation

16 01 2015

Hey what’s up everyone? The first edition of my blog for 2015 is officially here and what better way to kick things than with a new video for Couture Modeling!

Video Still. Kristin performing her magic on Stefani.

Video Still. Kristin performing her magic on Stefani.

We managed to shoot everything earlier in the week. Kristin came up with a great idea for a look and we were fortunate to have Stefani Perry be available to be the model featured. Due to time constraints for some, getting everything that we needed was a tough task. We ran out of daylight for one shot I wanted to do and I didn’t have enough time to switch equipment for another shot. Fortunately, we worked with what we had and I’m happy with how it came out.

For this video, the footage used were the ones shot on the shoulder rig. I mostly shot with the 50mm lens and switched to the 24mm lens on a couple occasions. For post production, I did some color correction and tweaked exposure settings for some shots. Because I only used available lighting, I experimented with the grain removal tool to help reduce noise. While it was very handy, it was causing the program to crash so I ended up only using it on a few clips instead of the whole video.

Left: Makeup Artist Kristin Pardee. Right: Stefani Perry.

Still from the video. Left: Makeup Artist Kristin Pardee. Right: Stefani Perry.

So thanks to everyone who helped out and I hope you like it. Be sure to check out the links below and keep an lookout for part 2 later down the road as I’ll showcase the photos taken after the shoot!


Couture Modeling

Couture Modeling Facebook Page

K Renee Makeup