About Me

My name is Christopher Washington. I’m a freelancer. Most of my work ranges from independent films to tv shows. I started out as a production assistant as I wanted to get a chance to help other departments and get a feel for what I eventually want to do. Since October of 2011, I’ve been working in both the Grip and Electric department. For those who don’t know, Grips and Electrics assist the cinematographer in obtaining the visuals necessary in every shot. In my spare time, I try to shoot my own videos when I get the chance, I hope to one day to become a cinematographer myself and I know in myself that I’m heading down the right path.

I created this blog when I was working on Mother’s House. At the time, the original intent of this blog was to promote the film and then talk about any projects that I was working on. As time passed on, I expanded my blog to cover those who were excelling in music, film, and tv production. In music, I cover the Doppelgangaz since I went to college with one of the members and any other artist that I come across (D3V, E. Joox, etc.). For Film and TV production, I cover and showcase whatever my friends are working on. I’ve come across some many talented people that it didn’t make sense for me to focus this blog on just myself.

At this point, I’m closing in 100 total blog posts with over 5,400 views. While those aren’t superior stats, I consider that pretty good for someone who doesn’t consider writing to be their thing. So, I feel honored that so many people find my blog at least entertaining enough to at least read.




2 responses

1 09 2010
Lynn Hoffman

Hi Chris! Thanks for the blog on Mother’s House and the crew. You have the right attitude and energy to have a successful career in the film industry. No matter how long the day, remember to keep your sense of humor! You started with the BEST possible people on the planet! Good luck!

26 07 2015
Terry Buchanan

Hello Chris,

My name is Terry Buchanan, I’m a research assistant with Transcendental Film Studios, I was hoping you could relay contact information for the company you did work with on” 3rd Street Blackout”, Mina and Rudy, Inc. You can contact me at Buchanant@my.gvltec.edu, thank you in advance for any information you might have.
Terry Buchanan
Research Assistant
Transcendental Film Studios

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